We believe that we are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God starting in Philadelphia and reaching around the globe. Our evangelism ministries are committed to helping others discover the wonders of knowing Christ and enjoying the abundant life that He offers.

  • Visitors Reception
  • Neighborhood Visitation
  • Prison
    To minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ monthly and provide correspondence courses to prisoners at Bucks County Correctional Facility.
  • Salvation Counseling
    To counsel people who come forward in services for salvation, prayer, or special needs.
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)
    One or two weeks in July are devoted to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children in the community. This is accomplished through Bible teaching, songs, activities and crafts.
  • Veterans
  • School Outreach
  • Internet & Media
    Audio – To provide audio support for services, music ministry rehearsals and special events. Video – To operate video cameras and record services for streaming and distribution of DVDs. CD, DVD Distribution – To produce CDs and DVDs of services and special events for members, visitors, and sick/shut-ins. Editing – To edit videos of our Sunday worship services. PowerPoint – To provide and display clear and attractive PowerPoints that accompany sermons and other presentations during services and special events. Website – To globally extend the ministry of GCA through the Internet by providing helpful information for members and visitors to our site.
  • Sunday School
    To teach and reinforce the Word of the Living and true God to saints of all age groups in order to equip them for ministry.
  • Youth Ministry
    Encourage and equip our youth to impact their world through knowing Christ.