Living God’s Way-Audio

Learn what it means—and what it does NOT mean—for the wife to be in subjection to her own husband according to God's Word.
Turn to Ephesians chapter 5 and follow along as Pastor Grant continues to explore from God’s Word, "Secrets To A Happy Home".
Pastor Grant spells out for us the basic principle of having a happy home: mutual submission.
Pastor Grant tells us what the Bible has to say about relationships in this new series entitled, “Secrets To A Happy Home.”
Hear the concluding part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message taken from the life of Caleb, as he continues to unpack some of the characteristics of this man of faith.
Pastor Grant will look again into what God’s Word has to say about Caleb’s faith that enabled him to win a great victory for God—even at an advanced age.
Pastor Grant concludes his message entitled, “Living the Extraordinary Life".
Pastor Grant will show us how one man, by taking a different course in faith, emerged as a man who went on to live an extraordinary life.
Pastor Grant challenges us with the question: “Do you have room for Jesus?”
Pastor Grant answers the Philippian Jailer’s all-important question; “What must I do to be saved?" Even if you know Christ as your own Savior and Lord, you may find some pointers to use with your unsaved friends.
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