Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant shared from the story of the poor lepers outside the walls of Samaria, recounted in 2nd Kings 7, how the first step to escaping the grip of complacency is to break free from self-imposed limitations. He will continue to develop from this account of how, by responding to God’s call, the believer can escape the snare of complacency.
Pastor Grant takes us to an event in the life of Elisha the Prophet that illustrates what can happen when people, seemingly trapped in the grip of the status quo of where fate has found them, take up the challenge to step out into the unknown.
Turn in your Bibles to the 6th chapter of 2nd Kings and follow along as Pastor Grant concludes his message, “It Ain’t Over Till God Says It’s Over.”
Pastor Grant gives a message of hope for that erring Christian who may be enduring seemingly hopeless circumstances as the result of bad decisions and turning away from God’s way in the past.
Hear the rest of a beautiful story of grace as Pastor Grant brings the second part of his message, “Transformed by God’s Power.”
Listen as Pastor Grant discusses how a man name Naaman, the Syrian leper, almost missed out on the deliverance of God because of his pride.
Pastor Grant brings the concluding part of his message with God’s remedial alternative for covetousness.
Turn to the book of 2nd Kings, chapter 5 and follow along with us as Pastor Grant brings the first part of his message entitled, “How to Get True Riches.”
Listen along with us as Pastor Grant concludes his message entitled, “Grace For The Fallen.”
Pastor Brian Grant will take us to the Book of Judges to explore the question, Is there hope for a fallen Christian?
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