Living God’s Way-Audio

We invite you now to turn in your Bibles to Revelation Chapter 4 and listen with us as Dr. Thomas brings the second part of his message, “A Visit to the Throne Room of God.”
As we come to Revelation chapter 4, a radical change takes place in both time and place. The Apostle John is suddenly summoned in the spirit to see things that will take place in the future. Our minister of the Word is Dr. Raphael Thomas.
Pastor Grant continues to share with us the very next thing on God’s calendar. When it occurs, it will be without a doubt, the most dramatic event that has ever taken place on planet earth.
We invite you to follow along in your Bibles as Pastor Grant brings the first part of the second message in this series entitled, “The Next Big Event on God’s Calendar.”
Here again is Pastor Grant with the conclusion of his message, “Back to the Future.”
Our broadcast this evening starts a new series on the Book of Revelation. We trust you will follow along with us through this series, for in this dramatic book, God has revealed the future, and its timely message is for saint and sinner, alike.

Re-discovering God, Pt. 2

April 25, 2021
Under the guise of freedom, we have adopted and legitimized all sorts of behavior with which God is not pleased. Suppressing the truth, we have abandoned God, and become slaves to our own lust. But there is hope. And we will hear about that as Pastor Grant brings the second part of his message, “Re-discovering God.”

Re-discovering God, Pt. 1

April 18, 2021
We invite you to have your Bibles handy and follow along with us as Pastor Grant brings the first part of his message, “Re-discovering God.”

Running to Win, Pt. 2

April 11, 2021
Pastor Grant brings before us point #2 in his message, entitled, “Running to Win.”

Running to Win, Pt. 1

April 4, 2021
Pastor Brian Grant brings before us a message from the life of King Asa that underscores another key ingredient in running the race to the finish.
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