Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Brian Grant begins a new series on “Doing Church God’s Way.” So listen with us as Pastor Grant brings the first part of his initial message in this new series entitled, “Three Essentials of a Biblical Church.”
“Be still, and KNOW that I Am God!” Pastor Grant shows how this profound and simple truth is a call to surrender our anxieties to Him and find the peace that He alone can give.
Pastor Brian Grant shares a very personal story of how the truth of Psalm 46, and its background in the Life of David, restored his own confidence and sense of balance as a child of God when He was having a really bad day.

The Good Samaritan, Pt. 2

November 7, 2021
This evening we will hear the conclusion of Pastor Brian Grant’s message on the familiar story of the Good Samaritan.

The Good Samaritan, Pt. 1

October 31, 2021
In this familiar story, Pastor Grant brings out some important truths about the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ that has answers for today, and challenges our own commitment to sharing our faith.
We invite you to turn in your Bibles to Philippians 1:27 and listen with us as Pastor Grant concludes his message, “Impacting a Nation in Turmoil.”
Hear a message delivered by Pastor Grant on July 4th, the 245th anniversary of our nation’s birth. Pastor Brian Grant explains how the Church has the answer to the turmoil troubling our nation, because Christ is the answer.
We invite you to follow along in the scriptures as we listen to Pastor Grant’s concluding remarks in his message, “How to Prepare Your Children to Fly.”
Listen to Pastor Brian Grant’s message given to the congregation on Father’s Day, 2021. A message in which he takes principles from scripture, that if embraced and practiced by committed fathers, can bring dramatic and life-healing change to their children and even change their impact on the wider community.
This message concludes our series of messages on the Book of Revelation. We trust this series has been a blessing to you. Listen now as Dr. Thomas brings us the final part of his message, "Eternal State."
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