Living God’s Way-Audio

Time For A Change, Pt. 2

December 4, 2022
Pastor Brian Grant used Jesus’ own words, recorded in John Chapter 8, to list two things that must change if the Christian message of new life in Christ is to be effectively shared with those caught up in today’s gathering darkness. Listen as Pastor Grant concludes his message with the third and final point.

Time For A Change, Pt. 1

November 27, 2022
Pastor Brian Grant list three big things that must change if we are to be effective in sharing the unchanging Gospel with our own generation and impacting the generation that is just emerging.
Listen with us now as Pastor Grant picks up the conclusion of his message, “Recalibrating Your Faith.”
Faith works! But only if the will of the natural flesh is surrendered to God. Pastor Brian Grant shares from the Bible how the exciting and fulfilling journey of faith, promised to every believer, will only reach its intended destination when we align ourselves with God’s path and pursue it regardless of the cost.
We welcome our listeners back to hear the concluding part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, “How to Turn Your Setback Into a Comeback.”
Pastor Grant shows us how modern saints, though suffering painful and discouraging setbacks as did David, can take courage from the ways in which David strengthened himself and set himself up for a dramatic comeback.
Listen to the second part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, "What in The World Is Going On?".
Pastor Brian Grant takes us to Psalm 2 which illuminates what’s behind the rampant chaos that describes our world of today.
Listen to the concluding part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message, “How to Speak to Your Children About Gender Issues.”
Pastor Brian Grant offers three points, based on God’s unchangeable Word, that must be taught to our children if they are to have a chance at withstanding the lies of the Devil.
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