Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant will share a message from the Bible that provides keys to finding true freedom.
This evening’s broadcast is the concluding part of Pastor Brian Grant’s Father’s Day message that answers the question, Is the Bible really reliable?
Listen with us now as Pastor Grant offers four proofs of the Bible’s reliability.
“Be still, and KNOW that I Am God!” Pastor Grant shows how this profound and simple truth is a call to surrender our anxieties to Him and find the peace that He alone can give.
Pastor Brian Grant shares a very personal story of how the truth of Psalm 46, and its background in the Life of David, restored his own confidence and sense of balance as a child of God when He was having a really bad day.
Here is Pastor Grant with the conclusion of, “How Can I Be Sure God Exists?”
How Can I Be Sure God Exists? In response to that question, Pastor Grant lists four reasons we can know for sure that God does exist.
Listen with us now as Pastor Grant finishes his message, “What’s So Special About the Church?”
Pastor Grant takes us to Ephesians chapter 3 where it describes what it is that makes the Church so special.
This is the conclusion of Pastor Brian Grant’s Easter message on three symbols of Easter that stand as irrefutable evidence that verify the hope of the Christian faith.
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