Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant uncovers the important fact of scripture, that sin has blocked the way into God’s presence. But praise God: God in His mercy has made a way for ruined sinners to enter His presence and live with Him forever, and Pastor Grant shows from scripture how Jesus, alone, is that way.
Pastor Grant will show how Psalm 24 actually presents Jesus as the Chief Shepherd who is coming for us.

A Time for Revival, Pt. 2

November 24, 2019
Turn to the Book of Joshua chapter 1 and listen to the concluding part of Pastor Grant’s message, “A Time for Revival.”

A Time for Revival, Pt. 1

November 17, 2019
Hear from Pastor Grant as he looks at Nehemiah’s plan for the restoration of the city walls of Jerusalem and how he went about setting it all in motion.
Listen to the concluding part of his message concerning one of the unlikeliest heroes of the faith, Rahab, the Gentile prostitute.
This message is taken from the Book of Joshua where it recounts a most unusual story about a most unlikely lady and the miraculous outcome of her uncommon faith.
Listen along with us as Pastor Grant finishes his message, “The Great Shepherd Cares.”
Pastor Grant shares with us from that beloved 23rd Psalm some of the ways in which this caring Great Shepherd pursues his sheep.
Listen to the conclusion of Pastor Brian Grant’s message, entitled, The Big Problem with Religion.
It’s no longer a question: The younger generation is avoiding church in droves. Pastor Grant will examine a few problems that make ‘church’ seem unattractive to so many growing up in this very different world of today.
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