Living God’s Way-Audio

Listen with us as Pastor Grant examines some of the characteristics of a faith that moves the Hand of God.
Pastor Grant shows us how God raised his despairing servant from the ash heap of depression and led him courageously on to further victories.
Pastor Grant lists five points that detail life lessons that can be learned from God’s dealings with his valiant servant in despairing circumstances.
This evening’s broadcast brings the concluding part of Pastor Grant’s message entitled, “Get Ready To Rumble” taking life lessons from the epic contest between Elijah (the prophet of God), King Ahab and the prophets of Baal.
In his series on life lessons to be taken from the ministry of Elijah the prophet, Pastor Grant will make three points that illustrate qualities God requires of His heroes.
We trust you will be blessed as you follow along with Pastor Grant as he concludes the message, “A Hero Lies In You.”
In his message, Pastor Grant explains that by using the term “hero” in his message title, he was underscoring the fact that God is not looking for ‘Stars;’ people wanting to be heroes. Unlike the world’s way, God is looking for ordinary people who love Jesus and want to be His servants.
Pastor Grant continues his message offering from scripture, God’s own recipe of overcoming grace for loving our enemies according to Jesus’ own command.
Pastor Brian Grant opened up Jesus’ astounding and revolutionary command to love one’s enemies to see from Scripture how it might be possible to obey this seemingly impossible command.
We pick up with Pastor Grant’s second point from 1 Corinthians 9:7. Please turn there with us now and follow along as Pastor Grant concludes his message, “The Keys That Open Heaven’s Windows.”
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