Living God’s Way-Audio

Listen with us now as Pastor Grant concludes his message, “Parenting a Prodigal.”
Pastor Grant shares several things that someone with the heartbreaking task of parenting a prodigal must keep in mind; things that will move the Hand of God which can then move the heart of that stubborn and willful child to bring about a miraculous turn-around.
Pastor Grant brings us the conclusion of his message, “Living for Christ in a Hostile World.”
Pastor Brian Grant brings from the Apostle Paul’s counsel to young Timothy, three commitments God is calling upon each of us to make in order to insure that we can pass on the important things of life to the younger generation.
Pastor Brian Grant brings the second part of his message explaining that, in spite of the wreckage his sin brought to his life, David became one of God’s great champions because he was in tune with God and His purposes.
Some people wonder how David can be called “A man after God’s Own Heart” when he had committed such great sins? Quoting Chuck Swindoll, Pastor Brian Grant said, that was “because he was in sync with God.” What does that mean? Pastor Grant will shed the light of scripture on what it means to be in sync with God.
Pastor Grant continues his discussion on the commitments we must make in order to stand firm in the ministry in the difficult days ahead.
Pastor Grant’s message covers three important commitments that must be made to stand fast in an increasingly anti-Christian world.
Pastor Brian Grant concludes his message listing three ways in which the resurrection of Jesus should impact the lives of those who profess His Name.
Pastor Brian Grant examines three ways in which the resurrection should impact the lives of all Believers.
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