Pastor Brian Grant will finish the message begun last week, lessons to be learned from the faith of Joshua as he led the People of God to take possession of the Promised Land. They faced giants. We may face giants as we learn to trust God’s promises as well. But pastor Grant offers 'Three R’s' that will gain mastery over giants every time. The first “R” is to “Rest in the certainty of God’s presence.”
Newness of Life should characterize the life habits of everyone who has joined Christ in His death and resurrection by believing and submitting to the claims of the Gospel. Pastor Brian Grant will share four lessons from scripture that illustrate, in practical terms, what that life should look like.
Pastor Brian Grant continues in the experiences of the children of Israel as they moved into their inheritances in the Promised Land, bringing out how we often can base success on what we can do in our own strength rather than placing complete confidence in God’s ability.