Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Brian Grant looks at some tough subjects in the 3rd chapter of 1st Timothy. Here we find the model for governance in the local church of God’s people.
Dr. Thomas finishes his message, drawing from the text four assignments the church is charged with fulfilling in order to be doing things God’s way.
Dr. Raphael Thomas draws from Paul’s first letter to Timothy, four things that must faithfully be done if the church is to fulfill its biblical mission.
In the first part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message, we learned that, unlike in the Old Testament times, at salvation, ever Believer in Jesus Christ is anointed by the Holy Spirit and equipped with all that is needed to live a life of godliness and service. Let’s pick up the message again as Pastor Grant brings it to its conclusion.
Pastor Brian Grant will take us to two incidents in the life of David to show ways in which God’s anointing favor can be counted on and understood by every Believer in Jesus Christ.
Israel’s greatest King, David, began life in obscurity. Even his family, it seems, considered him of little account. Nevertheless, God had big plans for this young man: He had singled him out for greatness. God is still in the business of turning nobody’s into somebody’s. Rejoin Pastor Grant now as he brings the rest of his message, “Becoming a Person of Destiny.”
We invite you to listen with us as Pastor Brian Grant brings his message entitled, “Becoming a Person of Destiny.”
Pastor Brian Grant picks up his message about three ladies of problematic background that are nevertheless recorded as ancestors of Jesus.
Perhaps life has delivered some severe blows that have left you damaged and fearful. This evening, Pastor Brian Grant is bringing a message of hope, because the God we adore is a God that specializes in bringing beauty from ashes.
This world has rejected God’s Word in so many ways, including the matter of finances. Listen with us as Pastor Grant brings to a conclusion his message, listing three biblical life principles, taken from the text of 1st Timothy 6, that can defeat the world’s mistaken ideas about money and wealth, and enable the Believer to enjoy the peace of handling money God’s way.