Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant will show us how one man, by taking a different course in faith, emerged as a man who went on to live an extraordinary life.
Pastor Grant challenges us with the question: “Do you have room for Jesus?”
Pastor Grant answers the Philippian Jailer’s all-important question; “What must I do to be saved?" Even if you know Christ as your own Savior and Lord, you may find some pointers to use with your unsaved friends.
Pastor Grant concludes his message, “Walk in Wisdom.”
This final message of this series deals with the topic of ‘Walking in Wisdom,’ which is the title of this message taken from Paul’s further admonition in Ephesians 5, verses 15 thru 21.
We invite you to turn in your Bibles to Ephesians chapter 5 and listen along with us as Pastor Grant concludes his message entitled, “Walk in Holiness”.
Listen to the first part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, “Walk in Holiness".
Listen to the second part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, “Walk in Honor".
Pastor Grant again visits the Book of Ephesians to show how the "Worthy Walk" must also be a life walked in honor.
This is the second part of Pastor Grant's message entitled, “Walk in Unity, Part 2”.