Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant continues to explain the symptoms of spiritual dullness.
We invite you to turn in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 5 and listen with us as Pastor Grant examines the questions, "What is spiritual dullness?, What are its symptoms? and What is its remedy?"
Pastor Grant brings the second part of his message entitled, “How to Protect Your Spiritual Inheritance.”
Pastor Grant centers on three things that Scripture warns will compromise a Christian’s spiritual inheritance and bring loss.
We invite you to follow along in your Bible as Pastor Grant concludes his message, “Is Following Jesus Worth the Effort?”
The Book of Hebrews was written primarily to a group of 1st Century Jewish Christians enduring persecution that challenged their faith in a particularly virulent way. Some questioned whether the challenge of following Jesus was worth the effort. That same challenge may not be too different from what some Christians face today. Listen as Pastor Brian Grant responds to this challenge by bringing us a message of encouragement and strength from the Book of Hebrews.
Listen with us as Pastor Grant concludes his message entitled, “Who Is God Looking For?”
Pastor Grant explores the question, “What kind of men is God looking for?” For in those days, good men were in short supply and, as a result, hard times had come upon Israel.
Pastor Grant continues with the concluding part of his message, “Staying Clean in a Dirty World.” 
In today's message, taken from the life of the prophet Elisha, Pastor Brian Grant takes us to the Book of 2 Kings during one of the most evil periods in the history of the nation of Israel; a time during the reign of King Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel.