Living God’s Way-Audio

A society that forgets its spiritual heritage is a society at risk. A message from Pastor Brian Grant, taken from the book of Judges, is a case study of just such a failure to pass on the important things of God to the succeeding generation.
Israel’s greatest King, David, began life in obscurity. Even his family, it seems, considered him of little account. Nevertheless, God had big plans for this young man: He had singled him out for greatness. God is still in the business of turning nobody’s into somebody’s. Rejoin Pastor Grant now as he brings the rest of his message, “Becoming a Person of Destiny.”
We invite you to listen with us as Pastor Brian Grant brings his message entitled, “Becoming a Person of Destiny.”
Pastor Brian Grant picks up his message about three ladies of problematic background that are nevertheless recorded as ancestors of Jesus.
Perhaps life has delivered some severe blows that have left you damaged and fearful. This evening, Pastor Brian Grant is bringing a message of hope, because the God we adore is a God that specializes in bringing beauty from ashes.
Pastor Brian Grant will finish the message begun last week, lessons to be learned from the faith of Joshua as he led the People of God to take possession of the Promised Land. They faced giants. We may face giants as we learn to trust God’s promises as well. But pastor Grant offers 'Three R’s' that will gain mastery over giants every time. The first “R” is to “Rest in the certainty of God’s presence.”
Pastor Brian Grant will tell us how we can learn from the Children of Israel, to gain mastery and to prosper in spite of the giants we may be called upon to face in our own life experiences.
Pastor Grant lists two more things that are guaranteed to every Believer because of Christ’s resurrection.
Pastor Grant brings us timeless game-changing guarantees secured by Christ’s victorious resurrection from the dead that form the foundation of the gospel message and secure the eternal blessedness and security of every Believer.
The first part of the message ended with Pastor Grant describing how the new life of the Christian submits to God instead of acting in its own strength. That’s where we pick it up again as Pastor Grant concludes his message, “Living the Resurrected Life.”