Living God’s Way-Audio

This message is taken from the Book of Joshua where it recounts a most unusual story about a most unlikely lady and the miraculous outcome of her uncommon faith.
Listen along with us as Pastor Grant finishes his message, “The Great Shepherd Cares.”
Pastor Grant shares with us from that beloved 23rd Psalm some of the ways in which this caring Great Shepherd pursues his sheep.
Listen to the conclusion of Pastor Brian Grant’s message, entitled, The Big Problem with Religion.
It’s no longer a question: The younger generation is avoiding church in droves. Pastor Grant will examine a few problems that make ‘church’ seem unattractive to so many growing up in this very different world of today.

The Lord Is My Shepherd, Pt. 2

September 29, 2019
Pastor Grant continues in Psalm 22 to show us how there was much more to Christ’s suffering than the physical pain He endured to make salvation available.

The Lord Is My Shepherd, Pt. 1

September 22, 2019
Pastor Brian Grant takes us to Psalm 22 where it is recorded in graphic and prophetic form, the deep suffering of Jesus shown offering Himself on the Cross as the perfect and sinless sacrifice for the sins of mankind.
We welcome our listeners back to hear the concluding part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, “How to Turn Your Setback Into a Comeback.”
Pastor Grant shows us how modern saints, though suffering painful and discouraging setbacks as did David, can take courage from the ways in which David strengthened himself and set himself up for a dramatic comeback.
Listen to the second part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, "What in The World Is Going On?".