Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant picks up the thread of his message entitled, “The Spirit-filled Revolution”.
Pastor Grant discusses how a Spirit-filled revolution that dramatically affects society can occur when Spirit-filled Christians live out the Word of God in their daily lives, and how such a Spirit-filled revolution first impacts the home by strengthening and preserving marriage.
Hear the final part of this message entitled, “Getting a Grasp on Our New Identity”.
Listen as Pastor Grant explains what it means to be a Christian.
Pastor Grant concludes his message, “Secrets To A Happy Home".
Pastor Grant will show from God’s Word how the happy home that God desires is a home in which children honor and obey their parents.
In this message, you will hear the third key to raising children in the ways of God.
Pastor Grant points out three keys for raising children according to God’s design for a happy home.
Pastor Grant’s continues his message bringing God’s counsel to bear on how fathers are to relate to their children.
Pastor Grant brings the first part of the next-to-the-last message in this series, “Secrets To A Happy Home” where we will hear God’s counsel to fathers on how to relate to their children.