Living God’s Way-Audio

We will hear Pastor Grant explain what it is that gives outward evidence of a heart ready for revival.
Pastor Grant will put the magnifying glass on the command to “Seek My Face.”
Pastor Grant shares with us some benefits of prayer and fasting.
Pastor Grant will again take us back to the familiar text of 2nd Chronicles 7:14 to look more deeply into what God meant when He said, “IF MY PEOPLE…”
Hear Pastor Grant as he continues his message, "Prescription For Revival."
Pastor Brian Grant will take us to the Book of Jonah to discover God’s prescription for revival.
We invite you to turn to the 12th chapter of the Book of Hebrews and follow along as Pastor Grant continues with, “Why is God Shaking Things Up?”
Pastor Brian Grant gives us two reasons why God brings shakeup into our world and into our lives.
Listen with us as Pastor Grant concludes his message, “Flirting With Disaster.”
This message comes from Hebrews chapter 10, where the writer warns believers of the dire consequences of committing "willful sin." Pastor Grant warns this is not the kind of message that makes us want to jump up and shout. Nevertheless, we need to hear what the Spirit of God wants us to hear.