Living God’s Way-Audio

Turn with us to the Book of 2nd Kings, chapter 2 and listen with us as Pastor Grant picks up his message, “Eyes On The Prize.”
Pastor Grant will be our guide as we join Elijah and Elisha on a tour of the Holy Land, visiting several places that have great significance in the life of the nation, and whose heritage would impact young Elisha in very personal ways that would fit him to reach the prize God had set out for him to achieve.
Let’s re-join Pastor Grant as he finishes his message entitled, “The Eye of the Storm.”
Challenges that face our nation, the Covid-19 pandemic and all its effects and now the outrage following the unjust death of George Floyd at the hands of the local authorities, have wrenched our nation to the brink of chaos that tests the faith even of the godly among us. Truly, we are in the eye of the storm. Listen as Pastor Grant explains.
Turn to the Book of 1st Kings, chapter 21 and listen with us as Pastor Grant brings the second part of his message titled, “Guard Your Inheritance.”
This message is based on the encounter between the wicked King Ahab and a man named Naboth during the days of Elijah the prophet.
Pastor Grant picks up his message, highlighting what is was about a gentile woman’s faith that would earn such a commendation from the Lord and move the Hand of God.
Listen with us as Pastor Grant examines some of the characteristics of a faith that moves the Hand of God.
Pastor Grant shows us how God raised his despairing servant from the ash heap of depression and led him courageously on to further victories.
Pastor Grant lists five points that detail life lessons that can be learned from God’s dealings with his valiant servant in despairing circumstances.