Living God’s Way-Audio

Listen to the first part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, “Walk in Holiness".
Listen to the second part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, “Walk in Honor".
Pastor Grant again visits the Book of Ephesians to show how the "Worthy Walk" must also be a life walked in honor.
This is the second part of Pastor Grant's message entitled, “Walk in Unity, Part 2”.
This message builds on that fundamental truth of unity created by the Holy Spirit Himself when He baptized every believer into one body on the Day of Pentecost.
Pastor Brian Grant gives us the secret of living a fulfilled life from Jesus’ own words to His disciples recorded in John chapter 15.
We will hear the second part of this message with Pastor Grant picking up again his list of reasons unity among believers is so important to God.
Pastor Grant will examine various scriptures that show some of the ways in which the relationship of one believer with another has a profound effect on the Christian witness in this world, as well as being an important measure of the worthy walk the Lord wants for every believer.
Pastor Brian Grant calls our attention to the Apostle’s injunction to “walk worthy” of our calling in Christ, and what that means to the life of every Believer.
Pastor Brian Grant begins a ‘mini-series’ within a series as he continues to lead us through the Book of Ephesians.