Living God’s Way-Audio

This message is taken from the life of Gideon, God’s mighty warrior. Pastor Brian Grant will be looking at three roadblocks Gideon had to face down in order to overcome his fears and fulfill his calling as the deliverer of his people from the dreaded Midianites.
We invite you to turn with us to 1st Timothy and listen as Pastor Grant completes his message, “Three Essentials of a Biblical Church.”
Pastor Brian Grant begins a new series on “Doing Church God’s Way.” So listen with us as Pastor Grant brings the first part of his initial message in this new series entitled, “Three Essentials of a Biblical Church.”
Pastor Brian Grant will take us to the book of Jonah to discover God’s prescription for revival.
Hear Pastor Grant as he continues his message, "Prescription For Revival."

Living in Victory, Pt. 2

August 13, 2023
Pastor Grant continues to list three requirements, modeled in scripture, that must form an integral part of the life of faith if the Chosen individual is to experience the kind of victorious life for which we have been chosen.

Living in Victory, Pt. 1

August 6, 2023
Pastor Grant offers three requirements that must form the life of the Believer chosen for victory, allowing him or her to live and experience the powerful reality of that victory.
Pastor Brian Grant concludes his message by giving us a third all-important faith quality that will ensure spiritual victory.
Listen as Pastor Brian Grant offers three important lessons learned from the book of Judges about spiritual victory.
In the book of Judges is recorded the sad story of the consequences that befell the generation, following the death of Joshua, that forgot the Mighty God who had rescued them from bondage in Egypt. In the second part of his message, Pastor Brian Grant continues to share three points that will help insure we won’t make the same mistake in our own time.