Join us as Pastor Brian Grant draws three principles of overcoming faith from the life of Jephthah in Judges chapter 11 that can, even today, change a life that seems spinning out of control, into a life that demonstrates the power of God’s transforming grace.

Overcoming Faith, Pt. 2

October 22, 2023
Listen with us now as Pastor Grant continues with three principles that must be developed in the life of every Believer, if their faith is to be a faith that can truly be trusted.

Overcoming Faith, Pt. 1

October 15, 2023
Hear Pastor Brian Grant describe three principles from the life of Gideon, and how these same principles must also characterize the life-habits of every Believer who intends to achieve the kind of victories which God has already chosen for them.
Pastor Brian Grant calls the story of Gideon one of the great come-back stories of the Bible. In that story, Pastor Grant finds three truths that must guide us as we pursue the pathway to spiritual victory that God has chosen for each of us.