In the first part of his message, Pastor Brian Grant drew on the tragic legacy of slavery, and in particular, the devastation slavery brought upon the Black family that left many in an enduring state of hopelessness. Using as an example his own family background, Pastor Grant showed how, regardless of bad family background, there is hope in Jesus. Like David, despised people can become God’s champions.
We have been taking lessons from the life of David in this series, and David’s early prospects for greatness seemed inauspicious to say the least. Scripture records how even his own family didn’t take him seriously. Pastor Brian Grant takes us past all that to show how David—despite the opinions of others—proved to be one of God’s greatest champions.
In the first part of the message, Pastor Brian Grant reminded us how King David’s life was a roller-coaster ride. Though he is called “A man after God’s own heart,” David’s family was a disaster zone. Yet, Pastor Grant showed from scripture how, in the disastrous behavior of his children, there is a blueprint that offers a different kind of outcome for parents who choose to stand as godly role models for their children. Listen now as Pastor Grant picks up his message and brings it to a conclusion.