In last week’s message, Pastor Grant showed how the structure of the Temple in Jerusalem shows the stark and utter reality of separation and exclusion of sinful men from the holy presence of God. This week, Pastor Grant concludes his message, “A Day to Remember,” with a word of joy: Something happened in the Temple on the day that Jesus died that showed how everything had forever changed.
Last week, we listened as Pastor Grant told the story of the Cross and Christ’s redeeming victory in rising from the dead. This week, Pastor Grant takes us back to just a few days before, when Jesus met alone with His disciples to observe Passover.
In last week’s message, “The Pain of Betrayal,” Pastor Grant reflected on the deep emotions that tore at Jesus’ heart as He approached death on the Cross, alone and forsaken by His own. Pastor Grant concludes his series on the Passion of Christ with a message that asks the searching question: “What Does Easter Mean to You?”
Pastor Grant examines how it is that one man, after walking with Jesus as one of His own for 3½ years, was willing to betray Him into the hands of His enemies with a kiss. Please turn in your Bibles to the Gospel of Matthew as Pastor Grant continues his series on The Passion of Christ.
Last week, Pastor Grant led us into the Garden of Gethsemane where we witnessed the agony of Christ and considered the meaning of the cup. Turn with us now to the Gospel of Matthew chapter 26, beginning at verse 47, as Pastor Grant explores the lessons of Gethsemane.
Last week, Pastor Grant explored the Jewish rite of Passover and how its truths form the foundation of our New Testament Christian faith. This week, Pastor Grant takes us to Gethsemane where Jesus, our Passover Lamb, spends His final few moments before being given into the hands of His enemies.