Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant continues with part 2 of his message, "God's Chosen Vessels."
Using the text of 1 Peter chapter 2, Pastor Grant explains how every Child of God is a “Priest unto God,” and is called to bear witness to Christ.
Pastor Grant explores the realities that must have faced the church in Antioch -- that obedient faith sometimes comes with a personal cost.
A very important first step is undertaken by the young church in Antioch when it launches the first missionary journey, sending the gospel to far places. Pastor Grant describes the conditions and the qualities of that church that led to such a momentous undertaking.
Listen with us as Pastor Grant continues with the second part of this message taken from Acts chapter 12.
Pastor Brian helps us understand the meaning of life and why it is that God has put us here
Pastor Brian explains how prayer sometimes produces unexpected results.
Pastor Brian reminds us that the Christian’s most powerful weapon is prayer, and that things happen when the Church comes together in united prayer.
Pastor Grant picks up the message line again as he profiles what an encourager actually looks like in practice.
Pastor Brian tells us how important it is for believers to become en-couragers rather than dis-couragers.