Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant explains what it is that the Bible says the "sentinels" of God’s Church must be on guard against.
"This is the second part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled, “Living a Life of Significance.”
Pastor Grant explains how it is that nothing can give our lives more significance than achieving the purpose for which God placed us on this planet.
Pastor Grant concludes his uplifting message with a biblical antidote for spiritual apathy.
Pastor Brian Grant talks about the effects and the dangers of spiritual apathy; that condition that exists when a believer’s passion for Christ has cooled.
We will hear the concluding part of Pastor Brian Grant’s message entitled “Under Construction, Part 6."
Pastor Grant will share with us one more way in which God actively works in the life of the believer to produce change.
Pastor Grant tells us how to break the power of strongholds of false reasoning that are opposed to the truth of Christ.
Pastor Grant brings us part 3 of Under Construction.
Pastor Grant speaks of three important lessons from Corinth in this second part of his message entitled, “The Power of the Gospel".
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