Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Grant tells us how, in the Early Church, God used ordinary men to accomplish extraordinary things.
Pastor Grant talks about five more marks that are a measure of a healthy church.
Listen as Pastor Grant explains the marks of a healthy Church; a church fit and empowered to carry out Christ’s mission in this world.
Pastor Grant describes for us the signs of the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the purpose for His coming.
Pastor Grant takes us to Pentecost, and talks about the awesome coming of that power: The Holy Spirit.
Pastor Grant concludes his message centering on the first Chapter of Acts. Jesus tells His wondering disciples where the power and direction will come from that will enable the Church to carry out "The Mission of the Church."
Pastor Grant begins a new series in the Book of Acts that tells us what happened after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Pastor Grant describes what the scriptures have to say about the characteristics of the Kingdom of Christ and those who will participate in it.