Living God’s Way-Audio

Pastor Brian Grant shows us how the coming Kingdom of Christ fulfills the detailed promises found in the Bible.
Pastor Grant answers the questions, "What happens when Christ arrives on planet earth" and "What happens if you miss the Rapture?”
Pastor Grant explains from scripture the crucial difference between the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming of Christ to the earth.
Pastor Grant concludes his message, “What is the Tribulation?” by looking at the main characteristics of the Tribulation and its finality.
Pastor Grant looks at the Tribulation and examines its purpose in God’s unchanging plan.
Pastor Grant looks into three key questions asked of Jesus by His disciples: (1) When will these things be? (2) What will be the sign of Your coming? (3) What will be the sign of the end?
Pastor Grant begins a new series on Bible prophecy.
In last week’s message, Pastor Grant showed how the structure of the Temple in Jerusalem shows the stark and utter reality of separation and exclusion of sinful men from the holy presence of God. This week, Pastor Grant concludes his message, “A Day to Remember,” with a word of joy: Something happened in the Temple on the day that Jesus died that showed how everything had forever changed.
Last week, we listened as Pastor Grant told the story of the Cross and Christ’s redeeming victory in rising from the dead. This week, Pastor Grant takes us back to just a few days before, when Jesus met alone with His disciples to observe Passover.
In last week’s message, “The Pain of Betrayal,” Pastor Grant reflected on the deep emotions that tore at Jesus’ heart as He approached death on the Cross, alone and forsaken by His own. Pastor Grant concludes his series on the Passion of Christ with a message that asks the searching question: “What Does Easter Mean to You?”